Security Cameras Caught A Ghost Party Loitering After Hours in A Music Venue in England

posted: 09/19/16
by: Kelly McClure

There's nothing worse than when you're having a fun night with your friends, listening to music and enjoying an adult beverage or two, and then the house lights come up and everyone's informed that the venue is closing up for the evening. This group of fun loving apparitions at Chicago Rock in Yeovil, a town in south Somerset, England, used one of the main benefits of being a ghost - invisibility - to their benefit in order to keep the party going.

The owners of the venue recently posted a video on their Facebook page showing security footage of what appears to be several ghosts wandering around after hours and it'll give even skeptics goosebumps to watch.

"We always hear noises and footsteps down the corridors, people throwing things up against the wall," said sales executive for the venue, Trina in an interview with Somerset Live. "We have had some really freaky incidents too. One of my colleagues was in the hallway and was saying 'clap your hands if you're there' and when she came back in to the office we heard the sound of clapping. We all locked ourselves in!"

Is this a real haunting or an elaborate marketing scheme cooked up by the owners to build hype for their upcoming Halloween events? Either way, that video is creepy.

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