Security Footage Caught Heavy Paranormal Activity in a UK Antique Shop

posted: 09/28/16
by: Kelly McClure

Security cameras in an antique shop located in Barnsley, a large town in South Yorkshire, England, captured something that seems to only be explained by paranormal reasoning. The footage shows various items in the store that would have no way of moving on their own, such as books and figurines, falling from their respective shelves and frightening customers.

Danny Parker, owner of the Barnsley Antique Centre, said that they've had 50 similar incidents since their first year of being open. This is also not the first case of paranormal activity in a UK antique store which brings about the question ... what's with ghosts and antiques?

After the site was investigated by a team of ghost hunters they speculated that the spirit of a homeless man who used to spend time in the cemetery that the shop was built over may be the culprit.

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