Set Production Is Underway in Ontario For The Film Adaptation of Stephen King’s It

posted: 08/03/16
by: Kelly McClure

There's a massively creepy looking house in downtown Oshawa, Ontario and it's freaking everyone out. To walk past it quickly you'd think that the structure had been the site of a horrible crime and was about to be torn down. Or maybe you'd presume that it was something being built for the upcoming Halloween season. But no, this particular house is much more special, and way more terrifying.

Oshawa has been chosen as the newest location for the film adaptation of Stephen King's It. You may have caught the TV movie in 1990 that was based on King's best-selling book about a group of friends whose young (and later ...adult) lives are nearly ruined by a tormenting evil force, and while it was definitely scary at times, this new one is shaping up to be a real terror.

For a good portion of July filming had been taking place in Port Hope, Ontario - which was made into King's iconic Derry, Maine the fictional town where most of his books take place. Now that they've moved on to Oshawa things have taken an even darker turn.

To describe the purpose of the house being built in terms of how it relates to the movie would potentially give away too many spoilers, so we'll just give a hint that those who read the book, or saw the TV movie, may remember: 29 Neibolt Street.

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