Snapchat Photo Reveals Ghost of Child

posted: 02/02/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Defocused angel of young girl with wings  moving through a soft background
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A Texas mother with a tragic story found a little bit of comfort from a mysterious selfie her son posted on Snapchat. Patricia Winchester, 44, noticed a shadowy white figure looming over 13-year-old son Hunter Bounds' shoulder in a photo he sent to a friend on Snapchat, the photo-sharing social media app.

Her son was unaware until a friend sent the back to him with a ring around the ghostly shape and asked what was behind him. His mother believes it was the young daughter she lost many years before. Adrianna was five in 2006 when she was caught under a trailer during a cheerleading parade.

It's a heartbreaking story made slightly less awful by this small spot of belief.

She said this is not the first time either. Both she and her son have felt the presence of little Adrianna in a variety of ways in the past as well. She is looking for a paranormal expert to give her some answers: "I don't usually talk about my daughter but I would quite like to get some answers now and to see if anyone can help at all."

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[via: Express]