Someone Paid A Lot Of Money To Live In A Haunted Mansion In Florida

posted: 04/26/17
by: Kelly McClure
Howey Mansion

A 20-room, 7,188 square-foot mansion that's sat vacant in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida has been sold at an undisclosed sum to someone who must not mind its haunted reputation. The home was originally listed for $480,000 and received ten offers in just nine days before being snapped up by an anonymous buyer, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"The person is intending on restoring the property and working with the city and doing some type of events," Realtor Lori Wall told press.

Said to need over $1million in repairs, the run down nature of the building isn't the worst of its problems. Locals, visitors, and even the realtor who sold the property, claim it has a creepy feel and that it only takes a step inside to confirm you're not the only spirit there. Could the paranormal activity be attributed to the family mausoleum on the grounds? William Howey, his wife Mary Grace, and their child Lois are all still buried there and may turn out to be reluctant roommates.

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