Strange Lights Appeared Over New Zealand Before the Quake

posted: 11/15/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

The recent earthquake in New Zealand may have been caused by shifting tectonic plates. But, according to some, there is a whole other reason the Earth shook down under and it has nothing to do with the usual suspects. A series of strange lights over the country appeared just hours before the earthquake.

Someone posted the video and said that it isn't the first time this has occurred before a natural disaster.

Alien hunter Tyler Glockner, narrates on the video, and he says they were not the only ones who saw the lights.

Tyler says those who study earthquakes have 'no idea' what the lights are and where they come from.

It's very strange. There is no consistency between these various reports of these lights happening so it makes you wonder what's causing the lights.

Were aliens warning us? Or were they the cause of the earthquake?

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[via: The Mirror]