Talladega Superspeedway Is Supposedly Home To A Few Angry Ghosts

posted: 05/08/17
by: Kelly McClure

The Talladega Superspeedway opened it's gates on September 13, 1969 in Lincoln, Alabama. Almost immediately after, word began to spread that the track was apparently built over a Native American Burial ground, which put a curse on the land referred to as "the Talladega Jinx." A short black comedy called "The Legend of Hallowdega" goes into detail on the specifics of this curse, including accounts from drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr (who doesn't believe the jinx is real) and Bobby Isaac, who, as the story goes, was told by a ghost to "quit driving" in the middle of a race.

The unsettled ghosts of Native Americans are said to wander the track and exert their influence over the minds of the living.

"As soon as you get to Talladega property, something happens to your mind and makes you do things you'd normally never do," a man named Blake Dublin said about the track after spending time there.

Doesn't sound like a very safe place to operate a high speed vehicle, does it?

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[via: USA Today]

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