Teenage Girl Found Wandering Alone With Satanic Messages Carved Into Her Body

posted: 08/21/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
A model depicting a fearful woman
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A model depicting a fearful woman

Believing in the devil might seem old fashioned, but for villagers in La Chiriza, Nicaragua, demonic possession is very real, indeed. This past week, a group of villagers in central Nicaragua found a 13-year-old girl staggering through the streets in the middle of the night with Satanic symbols carved into her upper extremities.

She couldn't explain what had happened.

Those who saw her described her arms ad being scratched and slashed with pentacles and other symbols of devil worship. Terrifying stuff. They said she isn't local and while they did manage to locate her parents (immigrants to Nicaragua from Cuba), no one knows what fate befell the girl or why she was covered in those symbols.

Some were concerned about demonic possession. Just last year, a viral video showing an exorcism in Nicaragua raised questions about the practice, but with a population full of practicing Catholics, the beliefs are strong. Demonic possession is defined as a person falling under the control of a malevolent force, or demon from beyond. Some say it is mental illness, but others believe. Deeply. So deeply they call in priests to help rid the person's body of whatever evil force has taken it hostage.

So, was this girl possessed by demons? Or some kind of attack? Either way, it's truly terrifying.

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