Terrifying Footage of Door Slamming Went Viral but Not Everyone’s Buying It

posted: 03/18/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

When this video of a door slamming endlessly at the end of a hallway made the rounds it was enough to give people nightmares. But then, as is often the case with such footage, people began to show the ways in which it could have been faked.

It's like something from a horror movie, right? The video was filmed by two caretakers in the Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents (CAIC) in Araucaria, Brazil. The light is dim and flickering on occasion. The swinging door is at the end of a long hallway. Once the guard gets close everything changes. The slamming stops. The lights become normal. But then, on Imgur, someone posited that there's a cable being used to move the door and the debunkers started piling on. So this is probably fake but a good job of mimicking a spooky scene from a horror movie.

Creepy slamming door

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[via: Mashable]

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