The Anderson Hotel in Kentucky Shuts Down Investigations After Paranormal Craziness

posted: 01/17/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
The Anderson Hotel
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The small town of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky is home to the The Anderson Hotel. Though it has been empty of humans for 30 years, it is apparently home to many apparitions and ghost and terrifying paranormal activity. So severe is the activity that researchers are no longer allowed to do their work there.

Some investigators claimed to be bitten repeatedly. A cameraman for Paranormal Lockdown showed the bite marks that appeared in real time on his side. Terrifying.

As far as haunted hotels go, the Anderson was relatively young. In the 1980's, it was a seedy place, though. There was a lot of drug use, prostitution, and death. And the imprint has remained.

There was a mattress with a blood stain allegedly left from a tragic suicide. In the room, investigators say they saw horrible things, including creatures dragging themselves along the floor. The stained mattress was tested and the blood was confirmed.

It gets worse. There was evidence of devil worship or at least of summoning of some kind. And then there were the bite marks. Whatever the cause, the place is simply too dangerous for paranormal investigation. Which is about as scary as it gets.

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Not surprisingly Nick and Katrina agree that the most shocking moment of this investigation was the physical attack on their cameraman.