The Bozeman Paranormal Group Are A Go-To For Montana’s Paranormal Concerns

posted: 07/25/16
by: Kelly McClure

There's no telling where, or when, paranormal events can pop up. Whether you're in a haunted castle, or in a tranquil residential area of Montana, spooky stuff can happen at any time and you need to be prepared. The Bozeman Paranormal Group is doing its part to help Montana residents solve their various paranormal inquires.

Led by Elies Adams, who also runs a crafty Etsy shop, the paranormal group serves not only Bozeman, but Butte, Three Forks, and other surrounding towns. Using gear like thermal imaging cameras, the team will often be called into homes to assess if something paranormal is actually happening, or if it can be explained in another way.

"It's like we have to be skeptics when you go into a place, because most of the time it's not paranormal, but a good one or five percent, it could be," Adams says in an interview with KBZK.

The group holds events from time to time, which you can keep track of via their Facebook page.