The Founder Of The Indian Paranormal Society Has Mysteriously Died

posted: 08/01/16
by: Kelly McClure
Gaurav Tiwari of the Indian Paranormal Society
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Gaurav Tiwari of the Indian Paranormal Society
By Cryptscript02 via Wikimedia Commons

Gaurav Tiwari, the founder of The Indian Paranormal Society, was discovered dead in the bathroom of his home in Dwarka on July 7. Tiwari was found in dire straights on the floor by his wife, Arya Kashyap, after she'd been unable to get her husband to open the door for over an hour. Both she and a neighbor who had assisted her in forcing the door open were shocked to find Tiwari looking fearful, gasping for breath, and with a suspicious black mark on his neck. He was rushed to the hospital, but died shortly after being admitted.

Since his death both law enforcement, as well as his family and friends, have been racking their brains trying to piece together clues that will tell them exactly what caused his death, but as of the time of this post it remains a mystery.

Amit Singh, an active member of The Indian Paranormal Society tells F. India that the day prior to Tiwari's death they had been investigating a haunted house in West Delhi's Janakpuri neighborhood. It's speculated as to whether or not Tiwari's constant involvement with the paranormal may have had a hand in his death, but who can say for sure? This may just be a mystery that is never solved.

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