The Ghost Of An Organist Is Haunting A Historic Theatre In Pennsylvania

posted: 05/02/17
by: Kelly McClure

The Capitol Theatre, an 852 seat historic theatre located in downtown Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, dates back to 1927 and it seems as though its past is coming back to haunt it ... literally. Investigations conducted by a team of paranormal investigators called The Ghost Pit have determined that not only is the building haunted by Wilford Binder, the theatre's first organist, but at least five other ghosts as well.

"The story has it that he is still here," Deborah Holtry, Capitol's events and box office manager said in reference to Mr. Binder's ghost. "I've never seen him myself, but I have had experiences that I believe he had a hand in."

During their investigations Brian Phillips, who heads the Ghost Pit team, caught video evidence of strange orbs, shadow figures, and even spotted full apparitions with his own naked eyes.

"There was no other conclusion," Phillips said. "There was a lot of (paranormal) activity going on (in the theater)."

Does this information keep you from wanting to catch a $5 film during the theatre's Summer Movie Series, or does it make you want to go even more?

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