The Ghosts of The Hotel Chelsea

posted: 08/20/16
by: Kelly McClure

Built in 1884, New York's Hotel Chelsea was at one time the stomping ground of choice for some of the city's most creative personalities such as Janis Joplin, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, and Sid Vicious - just to name a few. When first constructed the hotel was the single tallest structure in all of New York, which it's since lost bragging rights to as lumbering skyscrapers have shadowed the glamorous hotel in more recent years. One thing the Chelsea can still very much claim is that it is, by far, the most haunted hotel in the surrounding area. Before his death in 1979 The Sex Pistol's Sid Vicious told a reporter for The Associated Press that the hotel "is a vortex - an artistic tornado of death and destruction and love and broken dreams." His girlfriend Nancy Spungen died in the bathroom of room 100 a year earlier, and both of their ghosts are said to still roam the halls of the hotel, along with the ghost of the writer Dylan Thomas, who is known to stick close to room 206, the room where he died in 1953.

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