The Haunted Domes of Casa Grande May Be Torn Down For Good

posted: 06/06/17
by: Kelly McClure
Deep Night at the Casa Grande Domes - Arizona

The Domes of Casa Grande were originally built in 1982 in the desert region of Arizona and were intended to be used as the headquarters for an electronics manufacturer. Over time they fell to ruin and were taken over by visitors and locals as a place to hang out, party, and paint elaborate murals on the curved yellow walls. Now condemned after one of the larger domes fell in last year, Dan Peer, manager of the property, is giving tours of the place on a strictly "enter at your own risk" basis before he's forced to have them torn down for good.

Over the years the domes have taken on a reputation as being a catch-all location for a wide variety of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters have spent a great deal of time roaming the grounds. Visitors to the site say they've seen and heard evidence of paranormal activity, like a shadow figure and the voices of children. One of the wilder theories that circulated online was that a group of witches used the location for their ceremonies.

Dan Peer, the owner of The Domes said, "There were satanic signs they tell me, but I wouldn't even recognize them," A religious man, Peer claims to have had the property exorcised, but even still, I'd be wary of stepping foot in this place. How about you?

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[via: KJZZ; azcentral.com]

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