The History of Love Spells and Potions

posted: 02/12/17
by: Kelly McClure

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Across all of the many different cultures, backgrounds, and belief structures this world has to offer it can seem like there are more differences to be found than similarities, but no matter what there will always be one tie that binds ... love. Regardless of who you are or where you came from, love is something that everyone finds themselves seeking out at one point or another, in one way or another. If you've ever found yourself frustrated over the fact that the perfect love doesn't always come easy, then you may be comforted in knowing that as far back as the days of ancient Egypt other people have felt the exact same way, and have gone to great lengths to remedy their lack of romance, often by crafting elaborate spells and love potions.

In almost every religion or ancient philosophy you can think of there is a Saint, God, or Goddess devoted to love. In Egypt there is Hathor, in Greece there's Aphrodite, and in America there's Kim Kardashian. (That was a joke.) Some of the first love spells sprung from rituals honoring these deities, during which their help was called upon to bring about love, faithfulness, or fertility. Throughout the years these spells have transitioned from sacred acts performed in earnest privacy, or small groups of likeminded spiritualists, to something that every corner of the internet has a recipe for, even WikiHow, which has a love spell that starts off with cleaning your bathroom.

When it comes to love potions, the first thing that may pop in your mind is "Love Potion No. 9," which isn't just a hit song by The Clovers, or a movie staring Sandra Bullock, but an actual formula believed to bring about the exact kind of love you're looking for, whoever you may be, and whatever sort of situation you find yourself in at the time. Presley Love, an expert on love spells, runs a site called Universe of Symbolism that has a very easy to follow Love Potion #9 recipe that begins with writing a love note to the person whose affections you desire on a piece of red paper. As you write the note you're instructed to imagine the person and envision them receiving your message and reacting the way you want them to. Then you're supposed to burn the note and wait seven days before inviting them over for a visit. During the visit, after exactly seven days have passed, you're instructed to make them a vodka or rum based cocktail to seal the deal--which all sounds fantastic compared to other love spells out there that swap out booze for menstrual blood.

According to Witch Arabella, who runs a love spells site out of the UK, once your love spell has been properly cast it will instantly start working away at the problem at hand. You may not see the results you're looking for right away, but with patience you'll be spending a candle lit Valentine's Day with the person you desire.

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