The Japanese Poop and Pee “Ghost” Has Been Arrested

posted: 08/09/16
by: Kelly McClure
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Japanese "Ghost"

A few days ago we reported on a disturbing new take on terrorism that a woman in China was experiencing outside of her very own apartment door. After receiving a threatening note calling her a home-wrecker, and then finding that someone had begun to smear poop and pee on and around her front door, she set up a security camera and caught the following upsetting footage:

According to Chinese news source CCTV, the next level harassment began in January and has been escalating for all this time, but finally, we're happy to report that the "ghost" (who's not actually a ghost, but a 42-year old man) has been caught and is now being held in custody for 20 days while police figure out what to do with him.

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