The Most Intriguing Haunted House in St. Louis is For Sale

posted: 08/25/16
by: Kelly McClure
Haunted House on Plant Ave in St. Louis
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Haunted House on Plant Ave in St. Louis
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A cool $550,000 will move you right into what's being called "one of the most most intriguing haunted sites in St. Louis" by spirit experts. The house, known as the "House on Plant Avenue," was built in 1895 and comes equipped with the ghost of a bear that hangs out in the back yard.

"Mr. Gehm [who owned the house from 1906-1944] sold rail cars to the circus and somehow got possession of a bear, which he tied to a tree in the backyard and, of course, it died," says Robbi Courtaway, author of the book Spirits of St. Louis.

Other ghost sightings have been reported on the property over the years such as a woman in a black dress, and children wandering up and down the stairs of the home.

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