The Queen Mary is the Most Haunted Ship in America

posted: 02/16/17
by: Kelly McClure

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The Queen Mary is a ship that is larger in size than the Titanic and is often referred to as the most haunted ship in America. Operational since the 1930s, either as a sea worthy vessel, or simply a tourist attraction, the ship made its final voyage on October 31, 1967 and has been docked in Long Beach, California since December 1967. It's now used as a unique getaway experience for people looking to book a stay onboard the ship and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean outside their window. As tranquil as that sounds, guests often experience sleepless nights during their stay on the Queen Mary.

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Paranormal activity has been reported on the ship for many years and guests and staff often claim to see full apparitions, hear children laughing - when no children are present - and smell cigars where no cigars are being smoked. A writer named Adam Mock, who stayed aboard the ship with his wife and wrote about the experience for the site Crixeo, states that when he asked an employee of the ship which available room was the most haunted they responded, "the entire ship is haunted," although the B deck is where the majority of the paranormal activity seems to be noticed by overnight guests. Room B340 has even been taken out of rotation after extensive bursts of poltergeist activity scared off so many visitors that it became possible to keep someone in the room for a full night.

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