The Special at This Haunted Diner in Houston is Eggs With a Side of Ghosts

posted: 11/03/16
by: Kelly McClure

Houston's Yale Street Grill & Gifts dates back to 1923 and is thought to be the area's oldest eatery. Locals Linda and Tom Lovejoy bought an adjoining nook, formerly used as a pharmacy, in 1997 to set up an antiques shop and ever since they've been noticing some spooky activity that they can only assume is being caused by a ghost that's been passed on from owner to owner throughout the years.

Lovejoys Antiques and Collectables, which is separated from the diner by a partition, will from time to time have items moved from one part of the room to the next by an unseen force. Small events of this nature are easy for the owners to laugh off, or explain away by assuming they themselves had moved them and just forgot, but when they saw a glass flower levitate a foot from its vase they had to conclude that, yup, they had an actual haunting on their hands.

Tom Lovejoy also claims to have seen the full-bodied apparition of a man dressed in a white shirt and black pants at the back of their storeroom one afternoon. The location of the siting was exactly where the previous owners, way back in 1923, had their pharmacy counter.

"Our ghost is a friendly ghost," Mrs. Lovejoy said to local press when asked about the incident. "Although he did frighten the kids."

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[via: Paper City Mag]