The Witching Hour, When Evil Comes Out to Play

posted: 09/01/16
by: Kelly McClure
Ghost hands appear at midnight
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Ghost hands appear at midnight

Have you ever found yourself particularly creeped out to notice that your late night trips from the bed to the bathroom usually take place around 3AM? Well, there's a reason why. The hour between 3AM and 4AM is referred to as "the witching hour" because it's thought that paranormal forces are at their strongest during that time. The history behind this comes from the fact that the Catholic church's prayers and services are marked by the Canonical hours, which are three hours in length. Between 3AM and 4AM there were no prayers, making it prime time for evil forces.

During the era of the witch hunts, if a woman was caught outside of her house during the witching hour, and didn't have a good reason for it, she'd be sentenced to death.

Today, many paranormal enthusiasts consider the time between midnight and 2AM to be the "witching hour" since that is when a new day starts and, let's be honest, things start to get pretty creepy at midnight!

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