There Is Something Extra Creepy About This Marionette

posted: 09/07/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

When you first look at the marionette known as Ledda, you just know something is amiss. She looks like the witches from children's story books with her disproportionate nose and high cheekbones. But this marionette is creepy in more ways than just her appearance.

The doll lives in Australia and is owned by someone who goes by the name Mr W. He found the doll nearly 35 years ago under an abandoned house and has not been able to shake her since. When he tries to get rid of her, bad things happen. People swear they hear her scream and shriek and she gets her name because she once asked her owner (according to him) to "ledda me out."

What's creepier than creepy? Ledda.

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