There’s a Hotel in NY So Haunted You Have To Sign a Waiver To Stay There

posted: 02/16/17
by: Kelly McClure

The Shanley Hotel, located in Napanoch, New York, is apparently so haunted that visitors are only allowed to complete the check-in process after signing a waiver. The original structure of the hotel was built in 1845 and quickly became a go-to vacation spot until a fire in a nearby home leveled the hotel in 1895. The hotel was quickly rebuilt and eventually purchased by James Shanley in 1906 who added on a bowling alley, billiard room, and barber shop to the already previously popular leisure destination. Although the Shanley's were popular and successful in the town and in their endeavors, the family had a string of bad luck that would cast a dark shadow over the Shanely Hotel forever. Mrs. Shanley had three children and lost them all, one by one, shortly after birth, and the four-year-old daughter of the barber hired to work there tragically drowned in a well.

Currently owned by the Nicosia family, the hotel has been fully restored to it's original state and is yet again a beloved tourist destination, but, as a quote on the homepage of their website warns: "Just because you rent a room does not necessarily mean you'll end up sleeping here!" Further inspection of the website for the Shanley Hotel (which definitely makes no attempt to hide its haunted history) details the fact that paranormal activity can be, and probably will be, experienced there at any time of the day or night. Visitors have claimed to see rocking chairs rocking on their own, strange noises, and rapid changes in room temperature. A woman named Dominique M. who stayed at the hotel in 2015 left a review of her experience on Yelp saying:

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So what do you think? Are you ready to check-in?

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