There’s an App For locating Haunted Apartments in Hong Kong

posted: 11/14/16
by: Kelly McClure
A screen from the Spacious app

Recently we covered a story dealing with the fact that it's considered bad form, not to mention illegal, for landlords and property owners to withhold information about hauntings to potential renters or buyers. If an interested party puts money down not knowing that it has a history of paranormal activity, they could be awarded in court for a full or partial refund. A large percentage of home hunters shudder at the idea of living somewhere that contains the trapped spirit of a person who died a tragic death, but for others, they welcome the opportunity, and a tech company in Hong Kong called spacious.hk is banking on this.

Asif Ghafoor, founder of spacious.hk, has developed an app that will allow people to intentionally seek out haunted properties, knowing that the cost will be significantly lower than similar units that have not been the site of a suicide, or murder. Inspired by the trendy game Pokemon Go, the app is a fun way for people to look for new places while also giving themselves a scare.

"There are so many haunted properties, if you want to walk around and spook yourself," James Fisher, spacious.hk's director of analysis and analytics said in a quote to Motherboard about the app, which you can also test out on the home you're already in, if you dare to know the truth about the place you sleep every night.

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[via: Motherboard]