This Baltic Sea ‘Anomaly’ Could Be the Closest Thing to a UFO We Have

posted: 02/08/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Somewhere in the Bothnian Sea between Sweden and Finland, nearly 300ft below the surface and measuring 26ft tall, sits the "Baltic Sea Anomaly." This strange "anomaly in the sea floor has puzzled scientists ever since it was discovered five years ago.

The object could be 140,000 years old and is thought to be made of metal. It is described as looking like the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

Volker Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, said: "My hypothesis is that this object, this structure was formed during the Ice Age many thousands of years ago."

Denis Asberg, who made the discovery alongside Mr Lindberg, told TV4 in Sweden: "There is a mountain, It could be 20-25 metres tall with a canyon in the middle, and below it there is a lot of loose rocks."

"The trail starts from here. Actually there is two trails. There is the one that leads to this large circle. Then there is another trail that leads to the second object which is about 200 metres from the round circle. We found it at the same time as the circle. But we had such focus on the circle that we have not had enough time to look at the other object."

So what could it be? This only serves to remind us that so many places and parts of this world remain unexplored and we still have so much to learn.

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[via: Express]