This Video of a Possessed Maid in Singapore Will Give You Nightmares Forever

posted: 03/27/17
by: Kelly McClure
Possessed maid
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theSundaily via YouTube

The footage below was recently captured on CCTV in Singapore and appears to show a domestic helper falling under the influence of demonic spirits. The terrifying video, which was posted to a Facebook page called All Singapore Stuff, has now gone viral, and with good reason. Once you see this it's almost guaranteed that you'll have nightmares for many nights to come.

The maid shown in the video works for a woman named Nurul who was appropriately shocked after seeing this footage and glad that her family wasn't home while this all took place. As with most videos of this nature people are questioning whether or not it was staged. After seeing it for yourselves, what do you think?

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[via: The Sun Daily]

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