Top 7 Shocking Details From Newly Available CIA Documents

posted: 02/01/17
by: Kelly McClure
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    Following a lengthy struggle set in motion by freedom of information advocates, as well as a lawsuit against the US Central Intelligence Agency, nearly thirteen million documents have been declassified and are newly available to the public online. What follows is a roundup of a few bits of information that we found particularly shocking.

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    Secret Writing

    A lengthy document investigating covert writing practices details the recipe for a kind of disappearing ink that’s readable for only 24-hours. The document also explains that writing made with vegetable or fruit juices is made visible only after being ironed with a flat hot iron.

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    Magician Walks Into The Laboratory

    Included in a collection of documents under the heading “Stargate” is something labeled “Magician Walks Into The Laboratory.” The document consists of a selection of findings by an engineer named A. Rafailyan about a mysterious person named A. Krivoroltov who’s thought to be able to cure people by laying his hands upon them.

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    Prophecies, Dreams and Visions

    Also included under the “Stargate” heading is a document from 1988 that investigates a tribe of Lacandon Indians and their use of dreams to interpret what the soul of a person sees. According to the tribe being studied it’s thought that while a person sleeps the soul leaves and sails into the invisible world, often taking the form of the individual’s spirit animal while doing so.

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    The Psychic Uri Geller

    Documents reveal that great lengths were made to test the validity of celebrity psychic Uri Geller in 1973 including having the psychic replicate pictures that agents were drawing from several rooms away, which he was able to do in what’s referred to as a “convincing and unambiguous manner.”

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    An Ongoing Study of Aliens

    As recent as 2000 great attention has been focused on the topic of aliens, according to a few of these documents; one of which states that “since 1947, approximately 1500 official reports of sightings have been received and, of these about 20% remain unexplained."

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    Unidentified Flying Objects

    There are many mentions of security issues posed by UFOS to the United States and a variety of panels, committees, and research groups that have formed over the years to look further into various sightings of unidentified flying objects and whether or not they’re a direct threat to national security. The newly available documents also make several mentions of Area 51 that include attendance records and staffing reports.

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    The MK-Ultra Project

    New details are now available regarding the infamous MK-Ultra project, also known as the CIA mind control program, which involves the specifics of experiments on human subjects using mind control for the purpose of interrogation, or the development of new drugs.

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