Top Five Bigfoot Festivals in the USA

posted: 09/02/16
by: Kelly McClure

We are nearing the end of "festival season" for a lot of things, especially festivals that take place outdoors like music festivals and BBQ festivals, but when it comes to Bigfoot one of the best things about him (she? It?) is that ANY season can be Bigfoot season. Here's a roundup of a few of our favorite Bigfoot festivals that take place throughout the year in the USA.

1. Honobia Bigfoot Festival

What better way to spend a few crisp fall days than to commune with other like-minded Bigfoot fans in scenic Oklahoma? Share stories by the campfire, hear guest lectures, and eat lots of Bigfoot's favorite foods like human flesh. J/K, we all know Bigfoot only eats burritos.

2. Bigfoot Days

The 56th annual Bigfoot Days Parade and festival takes place in Willow Creek California on September 3, 2016. Aside from the parade there are snacks, games, craft booths, and contests. Have a look at video above from a few years ago so you know what to expect.

3. Leetonia Bigfoot Festival

Sadly this festival in Leetonia, Ohio has already passed (it happened in June) but that just gives you prime opportunity to get yourself nice and ready for next year. They do a Bigfoot Howling contest and that takes practice!

4. Bigfoot Bash

Let the Bigfoot bash begin. #bigfootbash

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This fall the Oregon Bigfoot Bash is partnering with the Logtoberfest in Carson, Oregon on October 8 for a full day of everything that's important in life: Bigfoot, local craft beer, music, and food.

5. Bigfoot Jamboree

During Labor Day Weekend the residents of Happy Camp, California (yes, that's an actual place) gather to celebrate their town, and Bigfoot, with themed floats, music, games, and snacks. Who wouldn't be a happy camper in that setting?

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