Tragedy Mixed With Voodoo Led to Restless Spirits On Magnolia Plantation

posted: 09/12/16
by: Kelly McClure

The Main House on the Magnolia Plantation

In 1830 Ambrose Lecomte II and his wife, Julia Buard established the Magnolia Plantation in Natchitoches, LA in an effort to expand their family's cotton business. Keeping with the backwards thinking of the times, the family kept slaves in terribly cramped quarters off of the main house and worked them night and day. Under very cruel and harsh conditions, the workers sowed over 2,000 out of the total 5,000 property acres into cotton fields which became so profitable that the family was able to expand onto even more plantations--which only lengthened their de-humanizing and evil footprint on the land around them.

The plantation kept going post-slavery, as it was, up until the 1970s--still capitalizing on, and mistreating workers who made themselves ill picking cotton by hand in the hot sun. It wasn't until 1990 that the plantation began to fall into ruin and the property was donated to the National Park Service who preserve it as a historical site to this day.

One of the buildings on the Magnolia Plantation.

That many years of pain, torment, and the evil mistreating of other human beings doesn't go without consequences, which is, ultimately, the story of how revenge was sought. Throughout the plantation's years of operation the slaves who were kept there would soothe themselves at night by using voodoo to cast curses against those who had done them wrong. From time to time they'd be assigned the chore of making the grave markings for members of the Lecomte family who had died and they would sneak voodoo symbols into the ornate designs--which went undetected by the plantation owners.

The spirits of those who worked their lives away on the Magnolia Plantation are said to linger there and their voices and apparitions are seen and heard very regularly in the main house where, while living, they were never allowed to enter.

The team from Ghost Brothers investigated the plantation and their experience there was terrifying!

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