Two Men on a Mission to Find the Legendary Skunk Ape

posted: 08/15/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Bigfoot goes by many names around the globe -- Sasquatch, Yeti, abominable snowman. But in Florida, he goes by one name only. Skunk ape. And for two men in Florida, he has become their life mission.

Chris Conner and Mark Barton are in their 50's and 60's. They are choosing to spend their years riding though the Green Swamp, an 875-square-mile protected area between Orlando and Tampa that is said to be the home of the skunk ape, a bigfoot-like creature that stalks the area and attacks animals, among other things.

Both men worked in IT prior to getting into this work and when one lost his wife, the slight interest he'd developed became an obsession. He wants to prove the skunk ape is out there. They go into the swamp armed with machetes, employ audio gear, heat-sensing FLIR cameras, and GoPros to document their work and then upload what they find to YouTube. Their YouTube channel -- the Trail to Bigfoot -- has more than 140 videos and fans from all over the globe.

It's fascinating stuff. As cryptozoologists, the two have an answer for every question. And while they've yet to provide definitive proof, their work has a lot of fans and they hint at maybe knowing something they don't want to tell. Or, as Conner told the Miami New Times: "I think the mystery is important to our heritage. The history of America -- it's America's original myth. Part of me doesn't ever want it to be discovered."

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