Two Women in China Murdered with the Intent of Making Them Ghost Brides

posted: 08/31/16
by: Kelly McClure

Two disabled women were tragically killed in China this month for the purpose of being offered up as "ghost brides" for dead bachelors. The grim, and highly illegal, practice has been a source of profit in the Chinese black market for the past 3,000 years and it's said that the corpses of young women can bring in as much as 10,000 pounds (approximately $13,000). It's a belief in rural parts of China that it's bad luck for a man to be single when he dies and in the past year alone over 15 corpses were stolen from their coffins in Northern China to be sold for the rituals.

The criminals in this case were caught by police while transporting a corpse to Shaanxi for a ghost wedding and are currently facing charges of murder and human trafficking.

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