Video Shows What Appears to Be a UFO Flying Through Storm Clouds

posted: 09/13/16
by: Kelly McClure

Chris Henry, a dad of four living in Manchester, blew up Facebook with his post of a video that very much appears to show a UFO zipping through a stormy sky. While shooting the video his intent was just to capture the spooky looking storm as he waited for a friend to pick him up, and it wasn't until later, when he played it back, that he noticed the unidentified flying object.

After posting the video on social media Henry was given a lot of different theories as to what the object in the sky could be. One commenter on Facebook said "it's a bin bag," while another said "Could be a novelty balloon." Henry himself chimed in with "Thank you, I have got a lot of flack for it but still no one has put forward an idea as to what it may be, many people have suggested a balloon or drone, yet no one has bothered to provide any image of one this shape."

What could this have been?

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