Wait Until You See This Mysterious Footage Taken While Scouting Music Video Locations in Michigan

posted: 10/30/16
by: Kelly McClure

While scouting locations along Lake Superior in Michigan for an upcoming video shoot for country singer Kevin B. Klein, a filmmaker caught some very mysterious footage. The now viral video, captured by Jason Asselin, shows what some are saying could be a ghost ship, a UFO, or even the second coming of Jesus himself.

Asselin uploaded the unedited footage to his personal YouTube account on October 11 with the description: "Here is the FULL UNEDITED VIDEO of the "Ghost Ship on Lake Superior" that I filmed, including footage of the rainbow and more! After so many asking why I edited the video, here is the footage I had to work with. Why was I there they ask? I was filming a music video of Nashville recording artist Kevin B Klein playing his new song "My Michigan" and we wanted to see the sunset."

YouTube user Karen Gauthier added to the mystery by commenting: "We saw it, too. Went down to our favorite hangout spot, looked out over the water, and there was an island where we knew full well there IS NO ISLAND. My phone camera couldn't get a clear shot of it when we zoomed in, so we took a photo through our binoculars. We see freighters out there occasionally, but this didn't look like any freighter we'd ever seen."

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[via: The Inquistr]