5 Tips from Paranormal Shows to Help You Survive Thanksgiving with Family

posted: 11/21/16
by: Kelly McClure

Thanksgiving is upon us and for many people it's one of a handful of days each year that we are both morally and socially obligated to spend time with family members we don't see very often. Usually this ends up being a good experience because if there's one thing that brings everyone together it's food, and if it's two, it's food and booze. There's bound to be a snag or two in the table runner though, so here's a quick breakdown of how watching paranormal shows can prepare you for turkey day, and all the turkeys it brings with it.

1. Maintain a Sense of Humor

Take it from our friends in the Ghost Brothers and remember to have a sense of humor about things. Just like they manage to make creeping around haunted locations in search of ghosts look easy breezy, you too can learn how to take the terrifying and strange (like your weird uncle because everyone has at least one) with ease.

2. Read the Room

Learn how to get a sense of the room. You know how ghost hunters like Nick and Katrina on Paranormal Lockdown spend extended amounts of time in a location thought to be haunted, and use a variety of different tools, to determine if what's lurking there is upset? You can use the same tactics on Thanksgiving. Know how to read the room so you can figure out what to "leave off the plate" conversation wise.

3. Know When to Stop

Thanksgiving brings with it many tasty temptations, but you'll only be hurting yourself if you push things too far. You don't want to get a reputation for being the first family member to sneak away from the table to curl up on the couch in a food coma for the rest of the afternoon, do you? Chasing after a ghost that clearly doesn't want to be chased is just as dangerous as splitting your pants because you couldn't resist that third helping of twice baked stuffing.

4. Practice Your Charms

Take some pointers from the honey tongued Southern boys of Ghost Asylum. Regardless of how nasty whoever you're stuck next to at the table might be, you catch more flies with honey, and you catch more honey with honey as well. Pass the rolls!

5. Focus on the Food

The most important thing to keep in mind on Thanksgiving is that you can't scream if you've got a mouth full of delicious, home cooked food. Less yelling, more chewing! Have you ever seen someone on a paranormal show get confronted by a ghost while eating? Nope. As long as you're belly up to the table, you're safe.

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