Woman Claims Ghost Is Scaring Off All the Men in Her Life

posted: 02/18/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

For 14 years, Tracy Proctor of England says she has been haunted by a 'protective' black monk-like figure who has ruined all the male relationships in her life. Her sons, boyfriends and male visitors flee the house in terror and she is left alone.

Proctor has lived in her home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire for 19 years and for a large majority of that, she has been haunted by a ghost she says moves keys, glasses and e-cigarettes while also removing the clothing from her collection of dolls.

"Many men have been driven out from my home," Proctor says.

So far, the ghost, thought to be the Black Monk of Pontefract, seems to mostly terrorize the men in her life, appearing as a black hooded figure and stomping with footsteps and other disruptions. She has had boyfriends leave and her sons don't want to come home for the holidays.

The monk is famous in Yorkshire for having driven a family from a home and the story was made into a movie and a book. Still, Proctor has lived with the spectre for so many years, it seems she is OK with the whole thing. She says she feels the ghost is protecting her, rather than haunting her.

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[via: Express]