Woman Claims to be Alien/Human Hybrid

posted: 03/03/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A statuesque blond French Canadian woman has UFO researcher Luigi Vendittelli from Montreal, Canada that she is the result of a human and alien mating and that she was placed in her mother's belly late in her pregnancy. She arrived as a "surprise twin."

Lisa, who is blonde with green eyes, and stands 6ft 3in tall, claims her mother gave birth to twins after she met two aliens while she was pregnant with just a son back in 1975.

She is now convinced she was implanted into her mother by aliens after they "visited her while she was pregnant". According to him:

"Her mother was eight months pregnant and decided to go upstairs into the bedroom to take a break. The moment she hit the bed she was immediately paralyzed and she started seeing this metallic grey object."


She claims that her looks, combined with her strange abilities (clairvoyance), prove it. She claims she was placed here with a purpose that will reveal itself.

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[via: Express]