Woman Forced to Sit Next to Terrifying Doll on Two Flights

posted: 10/02/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

Haunted dolls like Annabelle, the doll made famous by The Conjuring and the movie with her name, and Peggy, another doll with a similar twisted tale, make dolls almost as creepy as clowns. So when Sara Novic found herself seated next to a doll (the same one) on not one, but two flights to Cincinnati, Ohio she took to Twitter to document her trip.

The creepy doll belonged to a man headed to Cincinnati to see the giant Noah's ark replica built to spec, and the creation museum, according to Novic. The doll had its own seat and was dressed in a floral patterned dress. It doesn't get scarier than that.

To be sure, the doll didn't show any signs of possession or move the way Annabelle once did. It didn't cause anyone heart attacks like the video of Peggy once did. Annabelle is so dangerous, she is now locked in a case at Ed and Lorraine Warren's Museum of the Occult. This doll is not on that level. But, if you're a nervous flyer, riding next to a creepy doll might rank right up there with extreme turbulence.

No dolls. No clowns. No thanks.

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