Woman Says She Was Kidnapped by Goblins Who Kept Her Hostage for Five Days

posted: 08/29/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

A woman in Nicaragua claims that she was kidnapped as a child by goblins who took her into a cave for five nights and six days. She is telling her story now because it apparently happened to another child in the same village.

The woman, whose name is "Jasmina" says she was rescued by her family after they consulted a witch. And while the story might sound insane, apparently fairies and goblins are considered common in this part of Nicaragua amongst some indigenous communities.

According to the Daily Mirror: "Currently there are many of these creatures living in San Silvestre and in Peor Dicho, in Monte Oscuro and in La Gualapa."

According to another "local" quoted in the piece: "There are a lot that live in San Silvestre and around it, they stay away from the church and they also exist in other areas nearby. In San Jose they live in another hill there, and they communicate from hill to hill"

Apparently, these legends are so common, there is even a YouTube special dedicated to them. Is it true? Could goblins and fairies really exist in these rural hills? Or is this the stuff of fantasy and religion? We may never know. But the myth of little hill people is not unique to Nicaragua. Some say these are interdimensional travelers who make themselves known only in certain locations.

Either way, the thought of children being taken away in the night is terrifying no matter what the cause.

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