Woman Sees Dead Grandmother in Accidental Café Snap

posted: 01/27/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham

An accidental photo snapped in a cafe has one English woman convinced her grandmother came back from the dead to pay her a visit.

Heidi Ridge was having a coffee in Morrisons cafe in Lawley, Telford, Shrops, with a friend when she accidentally took a photo. In it, there is a shadow and in the shadow, she saw the face of an older woman. Her grandmother who died in in 2001.

"We had just sat down and were having a coffee when my phone went off and caught the picture."

The photo itself isn't obvious, but Ridge says things like this have happened to her before, that she is more "open" to the other side. Therefore, she wasn't terribly surprised that the grandmother who raised her might come back and visit.

Those who are open to these things sometimes experience them more than others. Is this a case like this? Or is she seeing something there that isn't there? We may never know. But something otherworldly is in those photos.

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[via: The Daily Mail]