Woman Spots ‘Ghost Soldiers’ in an Old Selfie

posted: 03/20/17
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Civil War
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A woman in Maryland claims that a photo she took in 2008 contains the image of several ghosts, possibly soldiers, and she would like the public's help in identifying them.

Melissa Manges says black and white photo of the small platoon appeared among snaps of herself she took on a short bike trip several years ago.

"I'd probably taken about five or six selfies of me wearing the helmet on the bike - I didn't think anything of it. Later that evening I looked through the photos and I saw this picture with these figures just there on my camera. I was like, 'oh my gosh'. I definitely didn't take that picture, I have no idea how it go there. I was on my own at the time, and it freaked me out a lot."


The photos can be found on Express. It is eerie, to say the least. She especially feels like the soldier in the far back may be evil. Who knows the back story of these men. Did one kill the others? Did they all die in battle?

Manges hopes someone can tell us. So do we all.

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[via: Express.co.uk]

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