Woman Terrified by the 8-Foot Tall Werewolf She Saw

posted: 09/10/16
by: Sasha Brown-Worsham
Drawing of a werewolf in woodland at night.
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Drawing of a werewolf in woodland at night.
Mont Sudbury via Wikimedia Commons

"Old stinker" might not sound like the name of something that will keep you up at night, but for one woman, the legend of the werewolf that stalks the Yorkshire Wolds in England, is something out of nightmares.

24-year-old Jemma Waller said she saw the 8-foot tall creature and described it "like a big dog, probably bigger than my car, but it had a human face."

It's not the first sighting of the creature some call the Beast of Barmston Drain, which relates to the legend of Old Stinker, a werewolf said to stalk to Yorkshire Wolds.

People describe it as a beast that starts on all fours and then gets up and walks on two legs. It's "dog like," but bigger than a car and with a human face. It has cream and grey fur.

Sightings have continued through the years, but this latest one only confirms that there is something out there. Something scary and dog like and man like and huge. We just need to find it.

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