Hillbilly Blood

Have You Got Two Microwaves? Then You Can Make a Hillbilly Welder and Here's How

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Thursday September 25

8:00 AM

30 min.

Moonshine: Running Dry


Eugene and Spencer hike out to a secluded part of the woods to take part in a time-honored tradition: making moonshine. Here in Appalachia, moonshine isn't just a drink; it's an essential part of life on Cold Mountain.

10:30 AM

30 min.

Prospecting: The Hillbilly Savings Account


The harsh Appalachian winter is just around the bend and Eugene doesn't have the funds to heat his home this season. He and Spencer set out to find gems they can barter and trade.

Saturday September 27

5:00 AM

30 min.

Waste Not, Want Not


It’s winter and firewood is scarce. Spencer and Eugene need firewood fast, but without a serious log splitter, it will take the boys forever to chop it up. Eugene devises a wild contraption he makes at the blacksmith’s shop.